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Frequently Asked Questions


Question Answer
How do I know whether my state requires a proctor during my exam? To find out whether your state requires an exam proctor, please reference your State Requirements which can be found on the Search Courses page, after you select your license type and state(s) in which you are licensed.
How many days does CEU have to report CE to the Florida Department of Financial Services after I pass my exam? Florida allows CE providers to report credits up to 21 days from the time a student passes an exam. After 21 days, CE credits will not be reported unless CEU caused the reporting delay.
Does CEU offer any classroom or classroom-equivalent courses in Texas? Yes! Simply select Texas in the Search Courses page, and available courses for producers and adjusters will have “Classroom Equivalent” in the course title.
If I am not satisfied with CEU courses can I get a refund? Yes. CEU offers a money back guarantee that is in effect for 7 days after your registration date (or) up until an exam is submitted, whichever comes first. To request a refund, please call (800) 295-9010.


Course and Exam Completion

Question Answer
What happens after I complete my course and take the exam?   After submitting your final exam, your exam score will appear on the screen. If you received a 70% or higher, your completed course information will be displayed in your course history, and a Certificate of Completion will be emailed to you.
What happens if I do not receive a 70% or higher on my exam?   CEU provides unlimited, FREE exam retakes for all courses, and there is no wait period for retaking an exam. 
Can I find out what questions I answered incorrectly on my exam?   CEU is unable to provide this information because the majority of state regulations prohibit this.
How will I know that my state awarded me the proper amount of CE credit? Please check your state transcript for this information. You can also view completed course information in your course history for details.
If I completed courses for my designated home state, will those credits satisfy my requirements for other states I am licensed in? In most cases, yes. However, please contact your state insurance department for information regarding reciprocity.


Technical Issues

Question Answer
What happens if I lose internet connection during my exam? If you lose internet connection while attempting an exam, your progress will be saved so that you can log back in and continue from where you left off. Upon re-entering the exam, you will receive a message asking whether you would like to resume or restart the exam.
When launching my exam, a window pops up and then immediately disappears. How do I access my exam?   This is likely occurring because your Internet browser’s pop-up blocker is enabled, and you may need to temporarily disable the pop-up blocker. If you continue to experience this issue after disabling your pop-up blocker, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-295-9010, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST.
I closed out of my course and browser windows, but the audio file is still playing. How do I get it to stop?   CEU audio lessons download as audio files and automatically play in your default audio player (e.g., Windows Media Player, iTunes, etc.). To stop the audio, you need to close out of your audio player as well.


Students Using Corporate Subscriptions

Question Answer
Can I charge the course fee directly to my company? Yes, you can charge your company directly if your company has a corporate subscription with CEU. If your company currently has a corporate subscription, please contact your corporate compliance manager for your subscription code and enter your employer information in your account. At checkout, you will have the option to enter your subscription code.
My corporate compliance manager is not available, and I need my subscription code. Can CEU provide me with this information? Subscription codes must be provided to students by their corporate compliance manager. CEU representatives can only provide this information to the administrator(s) listed in our system.
Where do I enter the subscription code that my corporate compliance manager provided me? You will need to enter this code during the checkout process when you see the prompt “Enter Subscription Code.”
I entered my subscription code but received a message that says, “Invalid Subscription Number.” What does this mean? This is likely occurring because you have not selected your employer in your account, which you can do by editing your profile.   If you enter your employer and still experience issues, please contact your corporate compliance manager to verify the code.
My employer has indicated that I should not have to pay for my CE, but I am prompted for payment when I try to enroll in courses. What should I do?   Contact your corporate compliance manager to verify that your company has a Corporate Subscription with CEU and then ask for your subscription code. You will need to enter this code during the checkout process when you see the prompt “Enter Subscription Code.”   If you’ve done the above and are still experiencing issues, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-295-9010, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST or email info@ceu.com.


Corporate Compliance Managers

Question Answer
How do I add or remove students from my account? You will need to send these requests to corp.import@ceu.com using our CEU corporate template. To receive a copy of this template, please email info@ceu.com.
How do I manage my employees using the CEU corporate program page? CEU provides a corporate dashboard that allows you to access data reports covering compliance status, program usage and invoice reconciliation to help you manage your employees.   If you need assistance using this dashboard, contact a corporate representative by calling 1-800-295-9010, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST or email us at info@ceu.com.



Question Answer
Why does CEU need to collect my personal information?   CEU only requests details that are required by the states for credit reporting. CEU will not share or sell your personal information. Please see the CEU Privacy Statement for more information.
Is my personal information secure? Yes, CEU uses the most advanced SSL and encryption technologies to ensure that your personal information is completely protected.